Bargain House Network Expands to Bring Real Estate “Edutainment” to a Larger Audience

It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is talking about real estate. From home buyers and sellers, to investors, to professionals in the industry, to people who just find the topic interesting—there’s a rapidly growing audience looking for any real estate-themed content they can find.

One of the places that’s seeing the most significant growth in recent years is television, and the founder of Bargain House NetworkDr. Adam Leffler, is leading the charge to bring this kind of content to audiences worldwide.

He stumbled into the real estate industry following the advice of his father, and after trying his hand at several different roles, he began focusing on investing and development, which he’s been doing ever since then, and along the way, he teamed up with real estate giants, including Carleton Sheets, Ron Legrand, Robert Allan, and other notable experts. Leffler says more recently, he was inspired to build a real estate-themed TV network to fill a void in the market.

Bargain House Network puts the real in real estate

“There are a lot of TV shows about real estate today, but they mainly focus on Realtors or flippers, and when it comes to the shows focusing on flippers, they don’t present an accurate picture of the process. They make it look faster and easier than it really is, and that’s a disservice to viewers,” he explains.

Leffler says that when people have an inaccurate perspective of how the industry works, they’re more prone to making avoidable mistakes that can hurt them financially. He wants Bargain House Network to help viewers avoid that by providing content about real estate that both educates and entertains viewers. The idea, he says, is to give them the knowledge they need to get into real estate themselves if they want to take that path.

“I know the impact real estate had in my own life, on my finances and my career trajectory, and I want to help give others that same opportunity,” he said.

Leffler believes that a real estate-themed TV network is something that lots of people want, and that by incorporating leaders in the industry into the programming, he can empower more people to start or improve a career in real estate, and in doing so, create the kind of positive change that will affect their families for generations to come.

One of the recent additions to the network, Funding Faceoffhas made quite a splash recently with its Shark Tank-style format and panel of expert deal makers, including Kevin Harrington. In this show, guest presenters have an opportunity to pitch their deals to the panel for potential funding and collaboration from the panel. The network also has several other shows that follow other formats. Property Review is a show where experienced Realtors evaluate properties and detail the questions they would ask to determine its value and whether it’s a good property to buy. The network also airs a real estate news program, another on real estate bloopers, a show called Save My Deal where experts analyze deals to find ways to help guests turn dead deals into viable ones, and even a gameshow style program called Demo Derby TV, where contestants compete for funding in a race against the clock by smashing household items and materials found on a construction site.

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