Can Reiki Lead to Orgasm?

Can Reiki Lead to Orgasm?

Written by: Daydree Horner


Published on: September 15, 2022

When Daydree Horner first started offering couples Reiki at her Santa Monica practice, she noticed a pattern. “The first thing they’ll say in a session is, ‘We don’t seem as connected as we used to,’” Horner says. And then, after they’ve opened up, what follows is often more specific: “We don’t seem to be having sex the way we used to.” Or “I’m not having orgasms with my partner the way I used to .”

Reiki healing—a combination of light touch, guided meditation, and above-the-body energy sweeping—can help ground us in our bodies and our breath. And while most of Horner’s private couples sessions aren’t specifically about sex, she says the balance it creates has the effect of connecting us with our sexual selves. “Reiki sessions help with sex because the basis of every delicious orgasm, and the basis of every delicious sexual encounter, has to do at its base with the breath,” Horner says . “Reiki brings your life force back into a similar vibration as your partner’s so that you can drop down into that space of relaxation, let go, and have the orgasm that you were meant to have.”

For clients seeking help explicitly with orgasm, Horner has a specific technique, which she shares in her own words here.

A Solo Reiki Practice for Orgasm

By Daydree Horneras told to goop

The intention of this practice is for the client to connect with her feeling, her body, and her life force, qi. It’s about control to not have control, which is what an orgasm really is.

The first thing that I do is get them started with their qi. I start by having them visualize a fire energy, raku, and moving it from the navel down to the perineum (the area between your vulva and anus).

Start to breathe very slowly and relax. Move this fire energy from the navel down to the perineum, and then up the back to the crown of the head. This circulating fire energy preps the energy system for what’s about to happen.

Then we talk about getting into the actual event, which starts by getting into a lotus sitting position. Then take one of your heels and place it up against the vulva.

Lotus position can be physically challenging for some people. If it is, you can put a clean pillow between the heel of your foot and your vulva so that you have some pressure up against it. You’re sitting on the floor after you’ve done this breathing exercise and you’re pushing that up against your vulva with a steady, firm pressure. (You can also use a large, smooth crystal for external pressure.) As you’re breathing, you will start to feel that pressure up against the labia and the surrounding tissues. You will start to feel some arousal as you’re applying pressure and breathing, because you’re allowing this life force energy that is circulating through your body to also be focused on that particular place.

And once that’s happening, the woman starts to realize that her energy system, her full-flow breathing, and the pressure are all connected. You can take both hands in for added pleasure: Rub them together to just start to move the Reiki, the life force energy, through your palms. Then take those two palms to your exposed breasts, and in a slow upward circular motion, rub your breasts, while you’re in lotus position.

The same way great loss moves through each chakra of the body, making us feel depleted, a wonderful orgasm can flow through each chakra—creating a feeling of expansion in our lives.

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