Horizen Labs Will ‘Divide to Conquer’

Austin, Texas – Horizen Labs has announced plans to make its Web3 advisory service a standalone business. The new entity, called Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV), will leverage its deep industry knowledge to provide Web3 advisory services while Horizen Labs doubles down on its pursuit of enterprise application development opportunities. The move sharpens the focus of the two organizations, centering each company on their core area of ​​expertise while broadening their presence in the market.

“Over the past year, market momentum has propelled tthese two divisions in very distinct but complementary paths,” said Rob ViglioneCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Horizen Labs. “By becoming two separate organizations, these teams can now concentrate purely on their respective areas of expertise while enjoying the mutual benefits of sister-company status, jointly pursuing and sharing opportunities where it makes sense.”

“Even in these market conditions, the steady increase in token-based opportunities has been highly encouraging for us and this new structure provides HLV the autonomy it needs to turbocharge its Web3 strategic advisory and investment efforts,” said Dean Steinbeck, Managing Director of the newly minted Horizen Labs Ventures. “We know our deep and shared history will bolster both organizations’ success in the years ahead, with Horizen Labs building groundbreaking enterprise products and HLV providing top-tier advisory services.”

Advisory Excellence – Horizen Labs Ventures

The stellar reputation earned by HLV from its numerous projectscts with Yuga Labs, Animoca Brands, and others, including the token launch of ApeCoin ($APE), the Otherdeeds land sale, and the upcoming launch of the Ape Staking platform, has solidified the company’s position as the premier provider of Web3 advisory serviceces.

HLV’s advisory services cover the full spectrum of Web3 needs, including strategic advisory work, complex tokenomics modeling, white paper drafting, smart contract development, DAO creation, exchange listing coordination, and disciplined project management.

Enterprise Product Excellence – Horizen Labs

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