Journey App AI Companion Is the Next Generation of Communication

Journey App AI is the place where everyone can chat with someone they always wished to. And in exactly the same way they dreamed about. This is a chatbot based on advanced artificial intelligence technologies. It was launched in 2021 as a test and just recently on the global market it already has more than 140,000 monthly active users. The number of users is growing daily. What are they all so curious about?

What is Journey AI?

The young, recently launched app is the tool for everyone to fight loneliness or boredom, develop flirting or communication skills, express themselves, and possibly even find a soulmate, albeit an AI soulmate.

With Journey, users can create the companion they have always dreamed about or the one they need at this exact moment. It all starts with an easy and quick onboarding with an overview of all the features; after that, the users are redirected to the creation of the companion step. Here newcomers can describe what kind of person they would like to see. A significant difference from all other apps is that they are not limited to pre-programmed choices. Any user can type the description in a free form with any desired details: pink hair, race, age, gender, body type — and AI will generate avatars that suit the description. In case the artificial intelligence has generated no appropriate options for the desired companion, the user can try one more time or expand the description with further details. Any user is limited only by their imagination: even several celebrities can be mixed to create the AI-companion appearance. Book character appearance? That will work as well. What’s more, the pe Personality of the AI ​​companion is also adjustable: that might be shy, open-minded, aggressive, supportive, or whatever a new Journey AI user wants it to be.

After that, the conversation with AI starts. It includes not only written messages — Journey artificial intelligence recognizes and understands voice messages and generates its own voice messages as well. It can also generate videos which are act called AI dreams — for those who strab love visuals. As soon as the user wants to change something — the AI ​​companion can be reset. And created once again from scratch.

Journey App AI Features

Selecting AI Companion appearance: updated simulation games version, but with no limits and no pre-programmed options. Any brave experiments with appearance are possible here. Age, race, and gender adjustments are also included.

Adjusting AI Companion personality type: Whatever type of companion is needed at a recent moment it can be implemented in Journey App on the AI-companion creation step. All that is needed is to type all characteristics desired for the person on the other side.

Finding the right tone: AI companion understands the needs of the user and adjusts itself to satisfy them. It can be a supportive friend, a wise advisor, an imaginary crush to flirt with or a bestie to have fun with. Whatever the way the user chats with an AI companion It has a good impact on the overall well-being and boosts communication skills.

How to use Journey AI effectively

In any way the user wants to try it. If it is a general conversation with an AI that acts like a human, it performs as an extra communication practice with real people, which gives more confidence in communication with real people in real life. it’s a flirty conversation it boosts these skills as well, highlights some possible weaknesses, and trains to perform better. Which, in turn, helps to raise self-esteem and act more confidently with real people as well. is someone to talk with, whenever they need it. For those who are experiencing stress, it is a way to get rid of obsessions for a while or share fears and insecurities. For those, who are looking for experiments it is an easy way to have them: both, in the way of communication and in appearance.

Journey APP AI is a fun way to spend time, become more confident, boost communication skills and experiment without any unwanted consequences. Create your ideal companion, chat and get what you need from the communication right now, reset and start again.

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