Lane Gregory, CEO and Founder of CrowdShare: How Crowd Share Will Revolutionize Social Media Marketing and Branding

Lane Gregory is the CEO and Founder of CrowdShare. CrowdShare helps you manage your social media like no other platform while extending your organic reach through your friends, colleagues, family, employees, customers, and everyone else! When your content is ready CrowdShare lets them know it’s time to share! In less than 10 seconds your fans can share your posts.

On this episode of the Grit Daily StartupLane explains how CrowdShare makes it easy for you to expand your reach well beyond who likes or follows your page by being easily accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers. So, no matter where you are, you can create a post schedule it , and choose who shares your message!

Jennifer Johnson is the Booking Producer for Grit Daily’s podcasts.

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