Marius George Ciubotariu, CO-Founder of Hubble Protocol: Building A Sustainable Financial Platform

Marius George Ciubotariu is the Co-Founder of Hubble. Hubble is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on Solana. Hubble’s core product is USDH, a decentralized stablecoin that can be borrowed against your crypto assets. Users can deposit multiple crypto assets like SOL, BTC, ETH, and others, to borrow USDH. In turn, USDH can be used to serve various purposes across Solana DeFi.

Hubble will offer multiple USDH borrowing vaults, with various asset combinations and vault-specific parameters such as Stability Fees and Deposit Caps. USDH borrows are guaranteed by a combination of Hubble’s USDH Vault (Stability Vault), and bots that facilitate market-based liquidations. The USDH that users deposit into the USDH Vault is used to pay off bad loans, while depositors earn a net positive ~10% difference in liquidated assets.

In addition, users who deposit USDH in the USDH Vault earn HBB, Hubble’s native token.

On this episode of the Grit Daily Startup, Marius explains the next coming phases of development, the protocol will launch various products and services to bring further utility to the platform, and USDH itself.

Jennifer Johnson is the Booking Producer for Grit Daily’s podcasts.

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