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TikTok Publishes New Marketing Playbook for Auto Dealers

When you think of the key promotion platforms for cars, TikTok likely doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But according to research more than 40% of TikTok users are planning to buy or lease a car in the next six months, which actually makes it a valuable consideration for automakers and marketers in connecting with relevant, engaged and viable consumers.

With this in mind, TikTok has released a new Auto Dealers Playbookwhich provides key insights and notes for auto dealers looking to maximize their promotional efforts in the app.

You can download the 78-slide Auto Dealers’ Playbook here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

First off, TikTok provides some overall notes on the platform’s cultural influence and usage.

That’s a lot of time spent in-app, and it’s this larger shifting of consumption process that makes TikTok a bigger consideration in reaching engaged, active audiences.

TikTok also notes that it has reach to key auto buyer segments.

TikTok auto playbook

As well as key influencers of the same.

TikTok auto playbook

Again, you might not immediately think of TikTok as a critical platform for connecting with auto buyers, but these stats show that there is significant, influential power in the app.

The guide then provides some notes on TikTok marketing strategy, and how to build your in-app presence.

TikTok auto playbook

There’s also a range of creative best practice tips and approaches.

TikTok auto playbook

Along with case study examples to inform your thinking.

TikTok auto playbook

Finally, TikTok also outlines more specific elements to help guide your approach, including essential tips, ad formats, bidding options and more.

TikTok auto playbook

There’s a heap more advice and notes in the full guide, which you can download hereand it’s definitely worth a look for auto dealers, or even those not in the auto sector who are looking for new ways to build a TikTok presence.

Some interesting food for thought for your strategic planning.

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